Must Experience Ac Repair At Least Once In Your Lifetime

No one overcharged it that’s for sure it’s going to be a bowl of hunger that’s for sure twittering as a work would want to do a couple holes I brought it back to this tank and I connected this pipe and then I open this now with liquid in the suction side run for a while we’ll see I always stabilize to see what it does you don’t want to overcharge it with the a it’s like.

over here today I’ll go check out the web hole but it’s right around inside I’m sure it’s definitely low on Freon Mia it’s low I’m putting Freon in it so I got it I’m just adding it I just could have checked the wet bulb in here but it was definitely low Tucson ac repair on Freon so that’s what your problem was so I’m adding it and you’re going to be good it’s going to work like a champ now um probably.

like once you know once a year you call me Nick here I’ll come make sure it’s clean I’ll check the charge it’s not supposed to be low you’re gonna leak somewhere so let’s you know next year you call me next year when it’s hot out and we’ll check it again once I get it up to speed so on a wet bulb so the Walpole say to outside seventy bits like so nineteen.

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